Hernandez Middle School



Report Name

 Report Description

 Accountability Summary

 Report from TEA that includes the state accountability rating, a chart with performance index results, a performance index summary that provides the numerical outcomes on each index, distinction designation outcomes, demographic information, and the number and percent of indicators that met the system safeguards.

Climate Survey

Graphically illustrates the parent, teacher, staff, and student responses to the most recent Climate Survey administered.

Texas Academic Performance Report

Comprehensive report from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that provides student performance, student demographic, Staff and key financial data.

School Report Card

Report from TEA provides information concerning student performance on STAAR, enrollment, class size averages, and financial expenditures.

Index Calculations and Data Table

Report from TEA that provides underlying performance data used to calculate accountability index scores.

Adequate Yearly Progress

Report from TEA that measures progress in student achievement as required by the Federal "No Child Left Behind Act".

Federal Report Card

Report from TEA that includes student achievement, academic expectations, and additional accountability data as required by the Federal "No Child Left Behind Act."

Report of Disciplinary Actions

Charts showing disciplinary data by school.

Campus Improvement Plan

Report showing yearly goals.

Distinction Designation Summary

Report from TEA that provides detailed information on Distinction Designation calculations.

System Safeguard Report

Report from TEA that provides disaggregated performance measures and safeguard targets.