Stony Point computer science students win at 'Code Day'

codedayawardjpgComputer science students at Stony Point High School, fueled by caffeine and programming knowledge, received some of the top awards after competing in an Austin marathon coding event.

Code Day is a worldwide student coding event, which tasks participants to write an application in 24 hours. The Austin competition hosts student programmers from high schools and universities, including computer science students at the University of Texas at Austin.

The team of Stony Point students has won awards at the last two Code Day events and is currently gearing up to compete in the winter event in February. The team won the whole competition at the May 2014 Code Day and received an award for the Most Complicated Application at the November 2014 event.

“Code Day lets the students know that they can compete and be well prepared for college,” said Deborah Kariuki, Stony Point computer science teacher. “I know the other Round Rock ISD high schools are going to try to participate in February, and they want to beat us.”

The event begins at noon and continues through the night until the following day at noon. Students must then present their ideas for judging. At the May Code Day, the Stony Point team created an application based off a terrain mapping algorithm that would factor in elevation to find a path of least resistance.

“It’s pretty fun going down there and being able to work together and form ideas,” said Anthony Gonzales, Stony Point senior.

Code Day events not only help students with teamwork and creativity, it also teaches them about the real world skills needed by the technology companies, which could hire many of them in the future, Kariuki added.

“We have a lot of students that are very talented and gifted, and we just need to support them,” Kariuki said. “Round Rock ISD is committed to having kids ready for the 21st century. These kids are showing that we are a world class district because they are able to compete with the best and produce.”