C.D. Fulkes nurse, principal collaborate for lifesaving act

livesaverA standard visit to the nurse’s office at C.D. Fulkes Middle School turned into a lifesaving act in October after Nurse Deanne Hemmenway noticed the symptoms of a heart attack in a staff member.

Round Rock ISD Instructional Coach Gloria Schuldt has a history of high blood pressure and when she didn’t feel well, Hemmenway took her blood pressure and asked detailed questions, which unveiled possible heart attack symptoms. C.D. Fulkes Principal Nancy Guerrero and Hemmenway gave Schuldt two aspirin and two options after leaving the nurse — go to the hospital in an ambulance or a car.

“The doctors said the best thing Deanne could have done for me was to make me chew two aspirin,” Schuldt said. “I was having a heart attack, that wasn’t a question.”

Guerrero stayed by Schuldt’s side through rounds of tests at the hospital and only left when Schuldt was joined by her husband. Schuldt is dedicated to the students at C.D. Fulkes and Guerrero said it was a priority to ensure Schult received the help that she needed.

“Everyone in this building is passionate about kids first, but we’re also such a family,” Guerrero said. “We would have done it all over again for anyone and Gloria would too, it’s just who we are.”

Schuldt is back at C.D. Fulkes after recovering from the heart attack in the hospital. While she still is undergoing cardiac rehabilitation, Schuldt has plans to retire from Round Rock ISD at the end of January 2017.