Elementary Students express musicality in Music Video Challenge

Demonstrating their pioneer spirit, students at Pond Springs Elementary School have taken on the challenge of creating music videos.

Hoping to inspire the students to explore their creative potential and encourage them to be original and create freely, Zeles and Audrey Jane, local hip-hop artists, formed a contest and invited Pond Springs students to get creative and produce their own original video cover of The Christmas Rap (Hey Grandma).The contest doesn’t have any rules other than for the students to “Be creative. Be original. And have fun!”

“I think experiencing the empowerment that comes from freedom of expression and creative thought is very important,” said Zeles“It truly helps in all aspects of life and is the cornerstone for problem solving.”

The skills students gain when producing a music video include developing organizational and planning aptitude, growing or learning technique with video equipment, expanding awareness of music and rhythms, demonstrating creative thinking with writing, prop, costume and set design. A music video project realizes the District’s Strategic Plan Goal Two of providing real world experiences that are effectively integrated, support and enrich the curriculum.

“Students discover new strengths when they create freely,” said Brooke Bailey, Pond Springs assistant principal. “It’s inspirational to witness the students who can be shy come alive when given the opportunity to express themselves.”

Pond Spring students can enter the contest and begin their music video after receiving their parents permission to participate. The top three winners in each grade level receive an autographed poster. First place winners receive an additional award during the campus winter party.

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