Cedar Ridge, Baylor Scott & White Health partner for professional panel

A panel of nine health care professionals visited Cedar Ridge High School as part of a question-and-answer session aimed at informing Health Science Academy students about the path to a career in the healthcare field.

The panelists from Baylor Scott & White Health included a surgeon, physical therapist, dietician, orthopedist, primary care physician, finance manager, physician assistant, assistant director of family and internal medicine, and a community education specialist.

“Not everyone has access to professionals in their life so this is an opportunity for Baylor Scott & White Health to share the passion in what we do in the healthcare industry,” said Nicole Beal, Baylor Scott & White Health community education specialist. “As a community partner, it’s important to give back to the community in education because with the programming and coursework provided by the Cedar Ridge Health Science Academy, we know students are looking for opportunities to learn more.”

As part of the panel, each healthcare professional outlined their daily responsibilities in their respective careers as well as the educational path they completed for their career. A total of three classes participated in the panel discussion.

“As high school students, it’s hard to get real world experience, especially in the healthcare industry, so having them come to us at our school is a great opportunity to get information,” Cedar Ridge Senior Sunitha Konatham said. “It was encouraging more than anything because we learned about their struggles and how they got to where they are.”

The Cedar Ridge Health Science Academy offers training and seven certifications for students including Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Pharmacy Technician and Emergency Care Attendant.

“Our Health Science Academy students are dedicated and passionate about their prospective careers in healthcare,” Cedar Ridge Principal Lynette Thomas said. “I am proud and thankful to have Baylor Scott & White Health visit Cedar Ridge to ensure our students are knowledgeable and confident in their career choices as they develop plans for future education and careers in the healthcare field.”