Westwood Latin students advance to state competition

Westwood High School Latin students led the competition at the Texas State Junior Classical League Convention, hosted at Westwood in February.

A leader within the Westwood team was Senior Matthew Frizzell, who won first place in all the contests he entered and earned the highest score of any student on the Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose test. Matthew was also the main student in charge of planning and hosting the event, which gathered more than 600 Latin high school students to compete.

“This is the third year we have done Latin competitions and this year we hosted it at Westwood,” Matthew said. “I’m glad I won my events, but I’m most happy about the fact that the competition went smoothly. I’m also really glad that other people did well too and are excited about doing the competition.”

The winning students, as well as their awards and categories, are listed below:

  • Annabelle Hicks, Lyle Moss, Aaron Greisdorf, Anna Hagen and Matthew Frizzell, first place in Academic Pentathlon,
  • Carolyn Cravey, Sunny Bettadpur and Lionel Page, second place in Academic Pentathlon,
  • Grace Guthrie, Pilar Padilla, Vivian Tran, Rithika Prakash, Aneesh Thallapureddy, Sam Brocato and Naveen Rajan, third place in Academic Pentathlon,
  • Sanjana Bettadpur, Patrick Reed, Vivian Tran and Alexis Chang, third place in 400M relay,
  • Megan Bruce and Zoe Rowe, third place in Costume,
  • Bella Cowart, third place in 100M dash,
  • Matthew Frizzell, first place in Decathlon and Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose,
  • Matthew Frizzell, Lucas Gretta, Aaron Griesdorf, Terrence Klock and Aneesh Thallapureddy, first place in Certamen,
  • Anna Hagen, third place in Latin Vocabulary; first place in Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry,
  • Terrence Klock, third place in Greek History,
  • Lyle Moss, third place in Grammar,
  • Kate Nuelle, second place in Monochromatic Art,
  • Pilar Padilla, third place in Classical Mythology,
  • Lionel Page, first place in 400M dash,
  • Naveen Rajan, second place in Classical Mythology,
  • Patrick Reed, third place in 400M dash,
  • Aneesh Thallapureddy, second place in Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry and second place in Roman Life.