Pond Spring’s Tech Ninjas get hands-on with Next Gen devices

Fourth-grade and fifth-grade students from Pond Springs Elementary School, or the Tech Ninjas as they like to call themselves, engaged in an immersive technology experience on a recent visit to the Apple and Microsoft stores.

Pond Springs furnishes students with a learning model geared toward enrichment activities designed to generate student interest and excitement in future careers, hobbies or skills.

On the Apple iPad, Tech Ninjas mixed beat tracks and live loops creating an original music track. Afterward, each student received a copy of their song on a portable drive.

“When students come to the Apple store, we have them create something,” said Taylor Day, head trainer at the Apple Store.

Hands-on exploration of the newest products, applications and accessories continued when the Tech Ninjas extended their immersion experience to the Microsoft store.

“Technology has gotten so much further than I thought,” said Noah Anderson, Pond Springs fourth-grade student. “I wanted to be a Tech Ninja because I am the best robotics student in my class and I want to have more opportunity to do stuff like that.”

Student enrichment cultivates personalized learning and creates access to real world experiences. The benefits to students engaging in enrichment align with goals 2, 4 and 7 of the District’s Strategic Plan.

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