School Health Advisory Council

SHAC - School Health Advisory CommiteeThe SHAC serves to inform and engage the Board of Trustees on issues surrounding Coordinated School Health. By engaging a variety of community stakeholders, and especially district parents, our district’s school health policies and education curriculum reflect the values and needs of the community. The SHAC will provide regular updates to the Board.

Any comments, recommendations, or concerns may be addressed to the SHAC by emailing to

Substance abuse prevention and intervention

Members include:

Chairperson: Janice Mason – Parent
Vice Chair: Margo Fox – Parent
Secretary: Monica Faulkner – Parent

Claudio Cruz – Community Member
Bill Combes – Parent
Amy White – Parent
Scott Lambie – Parent
Heather Bullis – Parent
Sandra Pius – Parent
Della Robinson – Community Member
Patty Langlet – Community Member
Margo Fox – Parent
Charles Haas – Community Member
Nish Jindani – Parent
Sonia McMasters – Community Member
Lisa Cauble – Community Member
Monica Faulkner – Parent
Brian Jobes – Parent
Michele Sherwood – Parent
Sandy Headley – Administrator
Machelle Andrew – Parent
Laurie Born – Community Member
Janice Mason – Parent
Bill Muench – Parent