District Goals


Mission Statement

Our Beliefs

• Student need is diverse and cannot be met through a single solution.

• A variety of teaching and learning techniques is needed to reach all students.

• All students deserve an equal opportunity to develop their unique capabilities.

• Access to a quality education is the foundation for us to reach our full potential as a society.

• Quality instruction engages and inspires students.

• Students deserve a physically and emotionally safe learning environment.

• A quality education is well rounded; it cultivates the intellect, skill-sets, wellness, and emotional maturity of each student.

• Engaged and genuine partnerships between the students, school, parents, community, and business are critical to successful student outcomes.

Our Goals

1. We will implement, enhance and support innovative teaching and learning models.

2. We will provide uniform access to technology in order to effectively integrate it into the classroom to provide real world experiences and support the curriculum.

3. We will provide open opportunities, staff training, communication, and flexible programming to eliminate any disparities in expectations or achievement amongst our students.

4. We will develop a system where every learner has a personalized plan that cultivates their learning.

5. We will design our schools by creating flexible programs and learning environments.

6. We will commit to a plan for growth that will preserve and expand flexible learning spaces.

7. We will align and collaborate with existing district organizations to foster new partnerships with businesses and community.

8. We will form an alliance of those with a vested interest in RRISD in support of the strategic plan.