Print Services

The Round Rock Independent School District Print Services Department provides a variety of services for all District campuses, departments, and campus organizations.

Print Services considers that the shop’s #1 customer is the teacher in the classroom. We will strive daily to produce job requests that will be used in the classroom and send them through the morning campus mail runs. Sometimes we won’t be able to meet a particular need, but we will try. If a determination must be made on if only so many jobs can be produced in one day, the teachers’ requests will be first. Obviously, we ask that consideration be given to make the turn-around on requests realistic to the true need, and not ask for a large number of print jobs to be completed in a short span of time. So please remember 5 jobs per due date per teacher. To ensure that everyone is treated fairly, please plan ahead.

Quick Print Services

Quick print services covers print jobs that are what can be run on a standard high speed copier. This will include requests that are printed on standard letter-sized bond papers (white and stock pastel colors), either one-sided or duplexed, with a staple and/or 3-hole punched. These requests do not include bindery services such as folding, cutting, padding, coils, etc.

The maximum number of jobs that should be submitted for one due date is 5 jobs and the maximum number of copies for a quick or remote submission print jobs is 2,500 copies (example above: 30 copies x 5 = 150 copies)

Quick print jobs can be either submitted by remote submission (see more below) or by written paper quick copy requests.

Remote Submission Program

The District Print Services Department now provides the ability to submit quick print requests electronically. Remote submission will provide the end user’s the ability to:

1) Send print jobs online;
2) Provide easy direction on how to enter the print job;
3) Determine what types of options are available for the final product;
4) Provide the final cost of the job before submission; plus
5) Archive documents for future use.

The user should only submit a maximum of 8 jobs per due date with a maximum of 2500 copies. In addition, if the user is ordering for a team, please note that 1 job with 2 team members is 2 jobs not 1.

Only quick print jobs are allowed through remote submission.  If the job requires special finishing, color, paper other than 8½ x 11, etc., do not submit it through remote submission – this is a print request.

With remote submission, the requester will no longer need to fill out a paper form and mail it to Print Services or hand deliver the paperwork. The system also allows for workflow approvals before they are released for printing, giving the campus administrator control over expenditures.

The program has been in place since August 2012. Each employee in the District with a computer inside the network can submit an electronic quick print request under their Print icon by selecting the “RRISD Printshop” choice. It is highly suggested that campuses and departments go through training. Sessions are made available for campus/department staff providing information on how to use the system. Please contact Print Services to set up training.

Additional information such as training materials can be found in the FIRM (“Financial Accountability Resource Manual”) web site.

Print Requests

Print requests are print jobs that require more than just making copies. Besides large, long-run requests, this type also includes multiple types and sizes of paper, special bindery handling (folding, cutting, tape binding, saddle stitching, collating, and coil binding), etc.

Electronic originals are requested for all print requests when available (please contact Print Services for the contact person for the originals to be sent to). The originals need to be print ready when submitted. For example if a job is to be printed on 11×17 paper, the original needs to be set up on 11×17.

Print requests can only be submitted as a written paper requests.

Graphic Arts Lab

The graphic arts lab is a place where teachers, staff and District employees can go to do unique types of things such as laminating, making die-cuts, posters, etc. More information and pricing for Graphic Arts Lab.

Turn Around Times and Remote Submission

Type of Submission Turn Around Time
Remote Submission Quick Print Orders 2 District business days* from receipt of order by Print Services
Paper Quick Print Orders 3 District business days* from receipt of order by Print Services
All other paper print requests (large runs of over 2,500 sheets, special bindings, special handling, etc.) 5 to 10 District business days* or longer based on complexity of the request

* District business days are based on the annual 226 day calendar (#28) for orders received by 12:00 p.m. / noon of that day

Weekends, holidays and non-District business days are not included in the equation. All auxiliary groups such as PTAs, Boosters, etc., will be at a minimum 5 to 10 District business days and may be delayed if the print requests are considered at production peaks. Print Services will no longer be accepting outside work.

To meet the above time frames, Print Services uses the District’s Inter-Campus Mail Delivery System that will deliver to each campus on all District business days. Larger orders may require special delivery requirements.

For any print requests received with a delivery request date that do not conform with the above, Print Services will adjust the delivery to the correct date. Print Services will attempt to inform the requester of the change if workload allows.

Here are some turn-around examples of what to plan for based on the type of submission (assuming they are received by Print Services by noon of the first day listed):

  • A remote submission request received on a Monday will be in the campus mail Wednesday
  • A paper quick print order request received on a Monday will be in the campus mail Thursday
  • A special print request received on a Monday would be in the campus mail at the earliest the next Monday if not the following Monday

Obviously, we ask that consideration be given to make the turn-around on requests realistic to the true need and not ask for a large number of print jobs to be completed in a short span of time.To ensure that everyone is treated fairly, please plan ahead.
If you are not using remote submission, please call the print shop at ext. 6980 for training instructions or assistance.

Remote submission, housed within the District’s firewall (cannot be accessed from outside), provides the ability of a Print Services customer to submit a print job electronically, cuts back dramatically the amount of front end time based on how the orders are received (versus a mail truck) and processing print requests (versus staff doing the data entry).

How to Access the Remote Submission Program

There are two ways to submit a print job electronically.

Most all District computers have the ability to access the system already available within their print queue. This can easily be accessed by clicking on the the “Print” icon for the document, click on the “Name” drop down arrow and select “RRISD Printshop.” You will then be walked through the process of submitting the print request electronically to the Print Shop.

“RRISD Printshop” Print Selection Screen

Note: When you use this particular function and so that Print Services can contact you with any questions they may have on your request, each person logging in for the first time is requested to complete their profile which includes their campus/department name, email address and default budget code.

RRISD Remote Login Web Site

Print job requests can also be submitted directly into the system Request Print Job. Within this site, the individual can review the current status on print requests, submit multiple document requests, manage their repetitive documents (“archive”), update their profiles, etc.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?
Orders are scheduled for printing according to the date needed requested by the customer. That is why it’s important to always use a date in the date needed line instead of “ASAP” or “whenever”. There are certain times of the year when Printing and Graphics experiences large volumes of requests which could result in short delays. Campuses and departments will be notified if this occurs so that our customers can plan accordingly.

What is print ready?
Print ready is a term used to describe a document which is complete and needs no alterations. It will be printed as is.

What is a master copy?
A master is the first generation document that will be used to reproduce the copy. Masters are returned to the customer once the job is complete.

Is your office open on weekends?
Our normal business hours are Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Fridays. For your convenience, a drop box is located at our entry door for after-hours drop off.

How do I get to your location?
We’re located at 16255 Great Oaks Drive. Please contact us if you need additional assistance.

What should I do if my order isn’t printed correctly?
If your order is not printed correctly, you should contact Printing and Graphics immediately either by calling or by sending the misprint back to our office with an explanation of the problem.

How can I pay for my printing? Cash, Check, or Charge?
Printing charges are billed monthly through the use of a journal voucher for RRISD budget codes.

** PTAs, Booster Clubs, and other organizations and individuals must pay for their printing by cash or check at the time that the order is picked up. If the invoice amount exceeds $25, the customer has the option of paying or being billed through RRISD Accounts Receivable.

To ensure your pamphlet, notepads, etc. are folded and/or cut properly, make your inner margins twice as wide as the outer margins.

  • Avoid using borders on masters. Misalignment of borders is magnified by copier variances.
  • When making masters from a textbook or other bound document, the lid on your copier should be closed to avoid black lines along the edges of your copies. Black edges cause our high speed copiers to jam.


Amy Conlon
Office Specialist
Natsu Knox
Administrative Assistant
Karen Verell
Print Services Manager