Bilingual Education


The Round Rock ISD Bilingual program will provide guidance and support to every campus so that every student can achieve excellence in their academic and personal lives.


The mission of the Round Rock ISD Bilingual program is to provide research-based educational guidance and support to every campus and student to achieve academic excellence.

  • Provide an educational framework for excellence to support English Language Learners.
  • Support teacher education through professional development opportunities that support diverse learners.
  • Develop efficient and effective systems to monitor student achievement of diverse learners.
  • Use data to provide teacher and student support.
  • Serve every person with integrity, a positive attitude, and student-focused action.

Bilingual Feeder Schools

Anderson Mill PK-5

Berkman PK-5

Bluebonnet PK-5

Caldwell Heights PK-5

Callison PK-5

Herrington PK-5

Gattis PK-5

Herrington PK-5

Old Town PK-5

Purple Sage K-5

Robertson PK-5

Union Hill PK-5

Voigt PK-5

Wells Branch PK-5


Program Implementation

Dual Language Programs are those where students are taught literacy and content in two languages. The RRISD Dual Language Program goals are the same for both native English speakers and native Spanish speakers.

In the dual language program, the focus is to transfer language skills to develop bi-literacy and not to transition into one language instruction. In this way, all students become bi-literate, bi-cultural and bilingual.


The Round Rock ISD Dual Language Program is based on research by Dr. Wayne Thomas and Dr. Virginia Collier.

These international researchers are well-known for their study of long term school effectiveness for linguistically and culturally diverse students.

Research shows that this classroom model leads to grade level or above grade level achievement.

Key Features

The Bilingual Dual Language Programs implemented in Round Rock ISD are the 90/10 and 50/50 two-way immersion programs.

90/10: All students are instructed in Spanish in the primary grades and transition into Spanish and English in the later grades. Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten receive 90% of their daily instruction in Spanish and 10% in English. Each year, students will receive more instruction in English as the percentage of Spanish instruction time begins to decrease. By 4th and 5th grade students will receive 50% of their daily instruction in both English and Spanish.

50/50: Students receive 50% of their daily instruction in both languages. Students in Pre-K, Kindergarten and First grades receive instruction in their native language for Language Arts.

Forms and Resources

Elisa Mojica
Budget Specialist
Bertha Benedict
Coordinator Bilingual/ESL
Maria Green
Director Bilingual/ESL
Maribel Ruvalcaba
Spanish Translator
Michele Pérez
Coordinator ELL Compliance
Odalid Guerra
LPAC Facilitator