Student Advisory Board

2016-2017 Student Advisory Board


The purpose of the Round Rock ISD Student Advisory Board (SAB) is to provide an avenue of participation and involvement of secondary student leaders in the district. The SAB will offer advice on student concerns to the Superintendent from the perspective of the students in RRISD. The primary mission will be to promote the RRISD goals through student input into those areas that impact student performance, safety and security, dropout prevention, and other areas of concern.


The SAB will consist of a total of about 28 students from RRISD secondary campuses. The membership will be made up of 11 middle school student council presidents, 6 high school student council presidents, and 5 high school senior and junior class presidents. A staff member will also be assigned by the Superintendent.

Term of Service

All middle and high school student council presidents, high school senior class presidents, high school junior class presidents, and any selected designee will serve on the Student Advisory Board for one school year or to the conclusion of their term in office at the end of the academic school year.

Student Advisory Board Goals

Diversity, Equity, and Justice

  • Race, gender, special needs, poverty, political affiliations
  • Promoting individual needs of diverse populations
  • Addressing barriers to success for students related to equity and justice
  • To promote diversity and awareness of the Student Advisory Board

Awareness and recognition of Student Advisory Board

  • Creating/Promoting greater awareness within the community, district, and schoolTo support the District’s initiative to prepare all students for higher education
  • To promote diversity and awareness of the Student Advisory Board

Academic Competency and Higher Education

  • To create awareness about opportunities for higher education and to communicate a message to middle and high school students to dream big and envision a way to go to college and have highly-skilled careers
  • To promote diversity and awareness of the Student Advisory Board

School Safety

  • To create awareness and discussion opportunities for students on campus to give input on hotspots of safety concerns
  • To explore a Student Advisory Board campaign that reminds the school and community about the importance of diversity and equity in RRISD
  • To support aggressively school anti-bullying and anti-violence campaigns on and off campus

Operating Procedures

  1. The Student Advisory Board will serve in an advisory role to the Superintendent of Schools.
  2. Student Advisory Board members will be provided opportunities to reinforce the idea of the democratic process.
  3. Meeting procedures:
    • The Student Advisory Board will meet up to 7 times a year beginning in October and ending in May.
    • The Student Advisory Board will meet during the times of 11:45 a.m. and 1:15 p.m.
    • The Student Advisory Board will elect a president, vice-president, secretary and committee chairperson.
    • The Student Advisory Board’s monthly meeting will be held at the RRISD Administration Building.
  4. The Student Advisory Board will participate in community service project(s).
  5. The Student Advisory Board will submit an annual report to the Superintendent listing the concerns that affect a majority of the secondary students or majority of students at their campus.
  6. The Superintendent or designee will coordinate the functioning of the Student Advisory Board.
  7. The Student Advisory Board members will refer all media questions to the Superintendent of designee and will refrain from issuing public statements on behalf of the Student Advisory Board or RRISD.


2016-2017 Student Advisory Board Members


Middle School

Hart Black, Canyon Vista
Daniela Garza, CD Fulkes
Jasmine Cho, Cedar Valley
Francine Childs, Chisholm Trail
Archita Amudhan, Deerpark
Claire Pitre, Grisham
Laura Antholzner, Hernandez
Moryah Kline, Hopewell
Leah Day, Ridgeview
Mason Ammon, Walsh

High School

Semana Rodriguez, Early College
Zoe Brewer, Cedar Ridge (Community Service Chairperson)
Gretchen Hubbard, Cedar Ridge (Secretary)
Sam Ochoa, McNeil
Brooke Wedig, McNeil
Laura Wimmer, McNeil
Blake Herrera, Round Rock (President)
Audrey Rhynerson, Round Rock
Molly Riquelmy, Round Rock
Marshayla Dukes, Stony Point (Vice President)
Jakob Hall, Stony Point
Owen Woods, Success
Junu Lee, Westwood
Rohith Mandavilli, Westwood