Round Rock ISD welcomes partnerships between businesses, organizations and individuals who want to share their time, talent and resources to enrich the lives of students. Round Rock ISD is committed to forming “rock solid” partnerships that are focused on long term relationships between the business community and our campuses.

Why partnerships?

For students to receive an education that makes them collaborators, thinkers and problem solvers, it is imperative they see the world beyond the classroom. Together, we are creating the workforce of tomorrow. When partners invest in our students, they act as role models  and provide an additional layer of support and inspiration for students and teachers.

Partners add value:

  • Expertise in their field
  • Job training/ Internships
  • Externships for teachers and staff
  • Hands-on opportunities at their place of business
  • Additional resources
  • “Real life” application of skills and improved decision making regarding career choices
  • Increased student engagement

Partners receive value:

  • Enhanced image when seen as educational partner
  • Supports workforce development
  • Collaboration between employers and educators
  • Giving back to community
photo of volunteersThe Round Rock ISD Community Partnership Department offers a variety of way for business and community members to enrich our campuses, which provide exemplary education to more than 47,000 students. Partnership opportunities are available throughout District campuses and facilities.

The District has also launched a Partnership Directory to match potential business and community partners with Round Rock ISD staff to fulfill on-campus volunteer partnership opportunities. Begin registration at the Partner Link website.

Volunteer opportunities are also available through Round Rock ISD. Opportunities and information on volunteering can be found at the District’s volunteer website.

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High School Academy Partners
In order to better prepare students for college and the workforce, all five RRISD high schools offer a multitude of Academy selections, much like the traditional higher education setting.

Through the Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), the Academy of Professional Studies, the Academy of International Business & Economics as well as a selection of unique academies, students will receive a well rounded education that also gives them a jumpstart into their career pursuit, some even presenting professional certification opportunities.

Each Academy depends on Business Partners to enrich and enhance the classroom experience through guest speaking, student internships, real-world projects, business tours and Teacher Externships. Each Academy also has an Advisory Committee to keep curriculum and instruction on track.

In-Kind Donations
Round Rock ISD accepts in-kind donations, which include supplies, food, equipment, furniture, printing, professional services.

Monetary Donations
Monetary donations, including grants, scholarships, event sponsorships and program funding, are accepted.

Profit-share fundraisers with campuses is managed at an on-campus level through the PTA or campus administration. Round Rock ISD does not manage profit-share fundraisers on a District level.

Round Rock ISD partners with businesses which offers all staff discounts on a variety of services. Businesses must submit a Work Perks offer to Community Partnerships staff to be listed on the District Work Perks page.

Partners and employees are invited to contact the Community Partnerships Department at 512-464-5049 to report any problems.

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The Partnership Activity Contributions serves two purposes:

1. Donations: Use this form to request a receipt for any in-kind or monetary donations to your campus or department. A receipt will be emailed to you immediately.

2. Partnership Activity: Use this form to record campus partnerships such as guest speakers, Junior Achievement, backpack coalition, student internships, advisory board member, science fair judge, etc.

For assistance, please contact the Community Partnerships Department if you have any questions, or call the Community Partnerships Department 512-464-5049.

Community Partnerships Staff

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Rachael Brunson
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